Amani Al-thuwaini is a Kuwaiti artist/designer, born in Ukraine in 1989. She holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Kuwait University, which has influenced her methodical approach of collecting information and meticulous approach to designing and creating artwork. In 2017, Althuwaini received her MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London. Subsequently, she was shortlisted for the Warsteiner BLOOOM Award in 2017 and in 2018 she was selected to attend the International Designer’s workshop at the V&A Museum, London. She has exhibited extensively throughout London and Kuwait and has also shown her work in Prague, Dubai, Brazil, Bolivia and in 2024 - Paris Art Fair.

Through her interdisciplinary approach, Amani questions what constitutes a tradition and how it is displayed through material possessions. Her materials are memories, social behaviours and accumulated objects. She endeavours to trace relationships between people, objects and place through fieldwork, interviews and observation. She is drawn to how different cultures and histories collide and transform through their material expression.


In her recent series of works, she explored marriage and dowry rituals in Islamic culture, namely their transformation in The Middle East. Trade and capitalism blurred the lines between East and West which affected the processes of these rituals.Dowry gifting objects and their contents are embodiments of these collisions of cultures. To study and transform this further, She decided to penetrate the market through the creation of Dazzalab - dowry heirlooms. The process in which this takes place, is that Dazzalab is the threshold between the gifter and the gifted.

She believes that the cultural duality she inherited through her Kuwaiti, Ukrainian roots greatly influenced her awareness of identity and culture. This duality lets her see through the eyes of the ‘other’, consciously becoming the spectator; observing, analyzing and absorbing the varying facets that form cultural identities. Themes of luxury and socio-politics relevant to Kuwait and the Gulf region are emphasized in her work. Employing mixed media and two-dimensional forms, Althuwaini aims to expose this cultural collision by incorporating insinuations of modernism, superficial display, commodity fetishism and gender. Her resulting works are a candid response to the commodification and changes of traditions and customs; hybrids that represent a far more ‘globalized’ ritual.





Amani Althuwaini | (Kuwait,1989)






   2017   Goldsmiths University of London, London

   Masters of Fine Arts

   2016   The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Republic

   Erasmus exchange program

   2016   Kassandras hybrid space for Urban & Social experiments, Athens, Greece

   Erasmus exchange program

   2013   Kuwait University, college of Architecture

   Bachelor of Architecture




   2022   Central Saint Martins, London

   Digital Textile Design

   2018   University of the Arts, London

   Visual merchandizing and display

   2018   V&A museum, London, UK

   International designers workshop with the British Council




   2017   BLOOOM Contemporary Art Award by WARSTEINER


   2016   Art Jameel Prize


   2013   Kuwait Engineering Society

   Best graduation project Award - Labor Compound




   2021   ZAL carpets store - shop window

   Shuwaikh, Kuwait




   2019   ASCC AIR program

   Abdulla Al-Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait

   2016   Unveiling marriage - Swift Tank program

   Almakan, Kuwait

   2015   SADI residency program

   Sadu house, Kuwait

   2013   Out of Kuwait led by RCA head of painting David Rayson

   Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait

   2012   Landscapes Expanded led by the National Council of Arts & letters and The British Council

   Museum of Modern Art, Kuwait




  2024   Future creatives program led by Shahad Bishara

Promenade Culture Centre, Kuwait

  2021   Future creatives program led by Shahad Bishara

Promenade Culture Centre, Kuwait

  2018   IN.DIG.GO program -creative learning with kids with Nuqat x ZAIN Kuwait

Dar Al Athar AlIsamiya, Yarmouk cultural centre, Kuwait

  2017   Teacher assistant with Dr. Lamis Behbehani

College of Architecture, Kuwait University, Kuwait

  2017   Interview Panel for prospect MFA Fine Art students

Goldsmiths University of London, UK

  2017   Teacher assistant with Dr. Lamis Behbehani

College of Architecture, Kuwait University, Kuwait

  2017   Winter Art Camp - Art for children

The print room, Kuwait

  2015  Teacher assistant with Dr. Lamis Behbehani

College of Architecture, Kuwait University, Kuwait

  2015  Summer Camp - Art for children

  J’s preschool, Kuwait




  2019   Sur-re/vival

  Sadu House, Kuwait

  2018   Layers of Identity

  Contemporary art platform,Kuwait




  2024   Paris Art Fair (Hunna Art)

  Paris, France

  2023   Menart Fair

  Millon Auction House, Paris, France

  2023   Menart Fair

Boghossian Foundation - Villa D'Empain, Brussels Belgium

  2023   Abolish 153

  Boushahri gallery, Kuwait

  2022   Eyes Wide Shut

Firetti contemporary, Dubai

  2022   Forbidden love in Arab Art

Dar Al Funoun, Kuwait

  2019   In my dream I was in Kuwait

Scoletta dell’Arte dei Teraoro e Battioro, Venice, Italy

  2018   The Agency of visible women

  Beecroft Gallery London

  2018   AlGurain festival

  AlAdwani gallery, Kuwait

  2017   Women at war

  FA gallery, Kuwait

  2017   Goldsmiths degree show

  Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

  2017   Transition exhibition

  Menier Gallery, London

  2017   Fair Booth trial

  Carousel exhibition space, London

  2016   New Matter

  Den Gallery, Kuwait

  2016   FiliArt Exhibition

  Oxford House, London

  2016   The Blue Hour - XX Bolivia Biennale

  Cntro de la Cultura Plurinacional Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  2016   Exit

  National Technical Library, Prague

  2016   Slippery surface

  Hartslane Gallery, London

  2016   What’s your location?

  Contemporary Art Platform,Kuwait

  2016   SADI - reinterpreting tradition

  Sadu house, Kuwait

  2016   JAMM gallery

  JAMM, Dubai

  2016   Women’s work

  Beecroft Art Gallery, London

  2015- 2019   Abolish 153

Dar Al Athar Al Islamiya, FA gallery, The Hub, Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait

  2015   What’s your location?

  Porto Alegre, Centro Cultural Cee Eirico Verissimo, Brazil

  2014   Peace one day

  Contemporary art platform,Kuwait

  2013   Out of Kuwait

  Edge of Arabia, London

  2012   Out of Kuwait

  Museum of modern art, Kuwait

  2011   Dewaniya winter school exhibition

  Al Qibliya school, kuwait city

  2009   REUSE 3.0 - with Alia Farid Abdal

  The Avenues mall parking, Kuwait




  2019-Present   Owner - DAZZALAB

Kuwait City, Sharq, Kuwait

  2017-2019   Interior Designer and creative director

  The Bedshop, Kuwait

  2014-2015   Architect

NHEC - Najeeb AlHumaidhi Engineering Consultancy, Kuwait

  2013-2014   Interior Designer - communications and interior department

IKEA, Kuwait

  2011-2012   Graphic designer and event coordinator

Al Anjeri co. , Kuwait

  2010   Interior Designer - contracts department

IKEA, Kuwait

  2009-2010  Intern

SDQ+P Dawood AlQattan - architecture firm, Kuwait

  2009  Visual merchandizer

  NIKE, Kuwait

  2008  Sales Asssistant

  IKEA, Kuwait